Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom duplication errors ruin the game (in your favor) (2023)

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the RealmThere are many glitches that allow players toDuplicate items, materials, weapons, swords, and shields– at least until Nintendo inevitably fixes the bug. Exploiting this bug can earn players infinite rupees, effectively destroying the game's economy and taking away the fun of the game.Tears of the Kingdomas intended by its creators.

But if you urgently need material or moneyTears of the KingdomDuplicate errors can be removed easily and seemingly with relative certainty. You only need a bow, arrows – orParagliders- and some patience, and hopefully Nintendo doesn't eventually penalize you for using it.

How to duplicate materials in Tears of the Kingdom

1. You must have a bow, a melee weapon, and a shield.

2. Press the ZR button to make Link switch to the bow, but don't aim or cock the arrow.

3. Press the top of the d-pad to combine the material you want to duplicate with the arrow.

4. Press the plus button to pause the game, go to the "Arrows and bows" tab and drop the equipped bow.

5. While the pause menu is still open, use another bow.

6. Press the plus button twice (very quickly) to close and reopen the pause menu.

7. You should see the melted material on the bow and arrow you equipped.

8. Drop the currently equipped bow and exit the pause menu.

9. Both arches (each with fused materials) should be on the floor.

This vulnerability can be useful when copying rare or expensive content, e.gdiamondswhich can be sold for 500 rupees each.

The same duplicating error is explained in the video below, which also describes how to duplicate weapons, shields and bows. (This is a slightly more complicated process as you have to save and reload your game every time you want to duplicate something.)

How to duplicate weapons and shields in Tears of the Kingdom

1. Open the pause menu with the plus button.

2. Equip the weapon, shield or bow you want to duplicate.

3. Open the system menu and create a manual save.

4. On the inventory screen, drop the item you want to duplicate.

5. Select and equip another item of the same type (if duplicating a melee weapon, select a different melee weapon).

6. Press the plus button twice (very quickly) to close and reopen the pause menu.

7. Equip the equipped weapon.

8. Go to the system menu and reload the manual save.

9. The duplicate weapon should be on the ground.

Similar to the bug with duplicating bow and arrow material, the hardest part is timing the pause menu to close and reopen. Players looking to duplicate melee weapons, shields, and bows may want to practice timing with the material duplication bug before attempting the save method.

How to fix the new "rapid" duplication error in Tears of the Kingdom

No new duplication bug was detected over the weekend of May 20-21. This is helpful if the above error has been fixed or you are having trouble getting it to work. Additionally, this bug affects all gear (but not weapons or other gear).

ThanksUSBdongle6727 on editorialFor the method, you can watch the video above. Although this double error is technically faster and simpler, it has its own limitations that we will explain below.

First, the number of items that can be placed in one location is limited. If more than 20 pieces are too close together on the ground, the items will start to disappear. That means there's a limit to the number of copies you can make at once, and you have to be a little careful.

You also need to be careful with the items you drop, as they can break if dropped from a certain height, or their legs can escape, making them unpickable upon landing. An obvious contender for a duplicate,diamondsNo problem, that's a relief.

  1. This bug takes advantage of the way the game handles your inventory, so you'll need to prepare a little. First, you'll need at least one (preferably multiple) items with fewer than four in your inventory. It's just an item that triggers the exploit - you'll get it back, but it won't be duplicated. The key is being able to empty the inventory space.
  2. Then you need the item you want to duplicate in the last slot of your inventory. The quickest way to move an item to the last spot is to drop itatof them, then pick them up - the last item you picked up (that wasn't already in your inventory) goes in the last slot.
  3. Climb the nearby ledge (or roof or tree) and jump down. Unfold your paraglider.
  4. blow+to open your inventory.
  5. Select one or more items to empty your inventory. iholdThe. This item will not be reproduced, but will be returned to you.
  6. Select the item from the last slot in your inventory - the item you want to duplicate. You can keep them as long as you like.
  7. blow+to leave your inventory and thenimmediately- strike as fast as you can+Once again. The last slot in your inventory should still contain the same number of items as when you started.
  8. Repeat this process a few times when descending, but no more than three or four times - see our note on item disappearance above.
  9. Once you land, collect the duplicate items and repeat the above process.

You'll have to be creative to keep the item you want to duplicate in the last slot of your inventory, but this is a quick way to duplicate itatitem in game.

If any of the above issues get resolved - or you prefer a more legal way to make moneyThe Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom -Read Polygon's guide to items and materials for saleearn rupees.

How to quickly duplicate materials with shield hops in Tears of the Kingdom

This wonderful method was discovered byHeeissenberg is on redditand all you have to do is jump with the shield holding the things you want to duplicate. If you don't like reorganizing your inventory and want to quickly copy some items, this is the method for you. As mentioned above, you shouldn't leave your items on the floor between duplications, as too many items on the floor will simply cause older items to disappear.

The downside to this method is that it will ultimately destroy your shields, as jumping over shields reduces your shield's durability. Some players have found that performing this trick in snow (e.g. Tabantha Tundra or Hebra Mountains) minimizes shield damage, but we have not confirmed this.

You can also use this method to mix and match duplicates. If you want to duplicate two diamonds and three rubies, you can do it in one go.

All you have to do is jump with the shield and set Link to hold some items as below:

  1. Hold down the shield buttonZR, and then press quicklyXand thenAPerform a "Jump with a Shield".
  2. Open the menu very quickly by pressingplus (+)when Link is in the air.
  3. Select the items you want to duplicate and make Link keep them.
  4. Press Y and B at the same timeto close the menu.
  5. Items fall out of your hands but remain in your inventory.
  6. Pick up objects lying on the ground.
  7. Repeat if necessary.

Reducing the clock might take a few tries, but it's by far the quickest way to quickly duplicate elements. You can still perform this method with a Fused Shield, but the process will take a few seconds as Link may wobble and fall (depending on the item attached).

Update (22. Mai):At the bottom of this page, we've added another new duplication method as a section.

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